Be Brave, Fight for #RhinoRights and WIN

Be Brave, Fight for #RhinoRights and WIN

October 2017- For the past few years, First Car Rental has committed itself to Rhino initiatives around the country to raise awareness and funds to help save our Rhino from inevitable extinction.


It's Now or Never, and you are the solution.


Pick up your phone, click here to open the image of the Wrapped Rhino Car, video-selfie for 30 seonds with car in the background, telling us how much you love our Rhino and why they must be protected. Then post the video onto First Car Rental's Facebook page and hashtag #First4Rhino. It's that simple!

In return for your video, we will donate R20 to the Now or Never African Wildlife Trust, and you get an automatic entry into the #First4Rhino Holiday Competition to win one of TWO holidays valued at R30 000 each.

Watch these awesome #First4Rhino video entries:

 #First4Rhino - Sunel Stander  #First4Rhino - Tarryn Tippett  #First4Rhino - David Pereira
 #First4Rhino - Team PMB  #First4Rhino - Natashia Sam  #First4Rhino - Greg Petersen
 #First4Rhino - Viv Quann  #First4Rhino - Karen Kohne  #First4Rhino - Uta Wessels

 #First4Rhino - Adie Bear  #First4Rhino - Gideon Heller  #First4Rhino - Edward Erasmus

 #First4Rhino - Melissa Hilton  #First4Rhino - Rooi Rose  #First4Rhino - Richard Haubrich
 #First4Rhino - Adrian Scrooby  #First4Rhino - Yvette Harms  #First4Rhino - Melusi Mntungwa
 #First4Rhino - Elke Emmenis  #First4Rhino - Bettie Willer  #First4Rhino - Robyn Verschuren
 #First4Rhino - Sharon Cooper  #First4Rhino - Arusha Singh  

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